Wednesday, May 23

Preschool Graduation - Class of 2012

Emma graduated from preschool today.  She had a great year with an amazing teacher.  Miss Johnson was a hit with Dennis and I the second we met her.  At back-to-school night at the beginning of the year, Emma (in typical Emma-fashion) ran to Miss Johnson and gave her a huge hug.  Miss Johnson beamed with joy, and we knew she would be a perfect fit for Emma.  She was just the right person to nurture Emma's sweet and caring spirit.  My favorite thing about her was her name for the kids.  When I would visit the class, and Miss Johnson was trying to get the kids' attention, she'd always say "Friends... we need to pay attention,"  or "Friends... it's time for snack!"  ADORABLE.

Emma really grew a lot this year and had a blast being around other kids and making new friendships.  She was always the one in class to help others, especially the youngest kids.

Each of the kids wore a sash at graduation telling us what they want to be when they grow up.  Emma chose to be a Nurse, which is quite fitting.  Although, I still think that she would make an amazing preschool teacher.