Monday, April 9

Hippity Hoppity Easter

This year I got a little ambitious and decided to make the kids' Easter clothes.  I found a tutorial online on how to make a little girl dress out of a men's dress shirt.  Dennis was happy to donate to the cause.  I even had enough material on the sleeves to make the boys matching bow ties.

Jared was not cooperating for pictures... but Andrew, Emma, and Sarah were doing great.

This Easter was especially great this year because it was Jared's first day of nursery at church!  We were very, very excited for this day.

And, Jared?  Well, he'll warm up to the idea eventually.  Especially when he realizes that snacks are always part of the deal.


Katie Jane said...

You really are ambitious! They are so cute Jen! I miss you.

Mitchell Missionary Messages said...

Love, love the clothes!Jared's blue eyes just amaze me!!! Jeny, you are so talented!

Jon, Melissa, and Fam said...

How do you do it???? You really must be super woman! They are soo soo cute. Good work. Your kids look oh so cute, even if they won't pose to display all your hard work!

Ashley Dickman said...

you are AMAZING!!!! LOVE them! so stinkin cute! how you do it... I just don't know!

Andie said...

Holy cow, you are amazing! They look absolutely adorable. Way to go. How are you by the way?