Monday, July 18

Pretty Princess Pedi Party

For our very last day in Oklahoma, we had Sarah's two best friends over for a party.  We picked them up and headed to McDonald's for lunch (6 kids at McDonald's + 1 Mom = some very interesting conversation, lots of messes, and some empathetic looks from other adults).  After our lunchtime adventure, we went back to our house and had a pedicure party.  While Jared napped and Andrew entertained himself with his new light saber from his Happy Meal, I gave the four girls a pedicure.  They loved it! 

Sarah really had some great friends in Lauren and Paige, and I hope she can find some more friends in Iowa quickly.


Ashley Dickman said...

such a great mom!

geeno said...

some of the things you do really amaze me - this is one of them - so awesome!