Sunday, November 8


Last week, we had my parents come visit us for a few days. It was a quick trip, but we jam-packed it with activities and fun. We had gorgeous weather for November... 70 degrees sounds nice, right... so a day trip to the zoo was the perfect treat.

All in and ready to go... I love my dad's "Indiana Jones" hat.

The 3 amigos and Mommy.
Emma is such a funny girl lately. She has got quite a look she gives when she's grumpy, but then if we smile at her, it quickly fades away and she grins like crazy saying "I love you!"

There's the happy girl!

This goose statue was a hit. All the kids liked sliding down the back of it.

Everyone needs to get a picture on it, right?

Andrew is looking so big lately. He will be 20 months old this week.

Emma loves to cuddle - even rhinos.

Sarah with some more fake animals. What a second... did we see any real ones?

Heading home...


Katie Jane said...

My dad totally has a hat like that!! They are living the dream. Your kids are fabulous. I just love that kids have to have pictures with all of the statues.

Jennie's bunch said...

What fun!! I love when the grandparents come to visit!!:)