Wednesday, October 7


Such a great afternoon

playing in the rain
with hoodies up
sticks in hand

"Dehdoe" (if you're Andrew)

I love fall
I LOVE my kids!


Katie Jane said...

That Andrew is seriously a heart breaker!! I love your kids and I wish I could have seen you on thursday before you left. Your girls are too sweet. I am watching Pride and Prejudice whilst beanie making today. I wish you were here!! Love ya tons!

Jennie's bunch said...

Very Cute!!! This is my favorite time of year too! The only down side is my kids have gotten taller this summer and now I have to buy them new wardrobes!:)

geeno said...

that sounds so fun - i love fall too! We went to the farmer's market this morning and picked out pumpkins in all different colors, shapes and sizes for our porch - so exciting!

Jon and Melissa said...

I love hoodies and the weather that comes with them. Love your cute kids too!

suds2004 said...

I can't wait to see you and these cute kids!