Sunday, September 6


Sarah started Pre-K on August 20th. She goes Monday through Friday in the mornings. It's been such a fun experience for everyone.
Sarah loves having something to do, playing with her friends, and learning new things.
Dennis likes having a little passenger with him on the way to work. Sarah's school is on the way to the hospital, so Dennis takes her most mornings.
I love that she is happier and more cooperative. I also love having more one-on-one time with Emma, and a little more time with just "the little kids."
Emma is learning how to adjust to Sarah being missing for a couple hours every day. She has a whole different demeanor when she doesn't have Sarah to follow around. She's figuring out what she likes to do on her own.
Andrew is a little confused about it all, but he loves to follow me around when I'm cleaning up the house in the mornings.

Each Friday, Sarah's teacher sends home a homework folder with an assignment that is due the following week. Sarah gets so excited about that homework. She asks me almost every afternoon if we can do homework, and she's so depressed when there isn't any more to do. We spend a lot of time coloring and doing workbooks at home. She is a very happy girl and feels like she is big stuff!


Katie Jane said...

She is too big!!!! And gorgeous.

Jennie's bunch said...

Such a big girl!! I loved having the one on one time with my kids as siblings started going to school. Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to do next year when all of them are gone all day.

Jon and Melissa said...

What a cutie! It is crazy to think our old our kids are getting. We of course stay the same age...

suds2004 said...

So cute! I am sure she is loving school! I agree that it would be great to spend more one on one time with the little ones. I feel like I don't do that with Sam much. Potty training is going really well. We were going crazy the first few days but now it's so great having only one in diapers.

Krys said...

OH JEN! This takes me back to the days when we started school and had these pictures with our little back packs!!
How cute!! :D