Monday, August 31

Running with the Indians

On August 8th, my mom and I ran in a 5K together while my parents were visiting. We went to "Indian Country" here in Oklahoma because it was the only 5K we could find that day. It was a lot of fun running with Joe Huntinghorse and Clay Smokingdog. (I'm not kidding... one of those names is for real. Can you guess which one?)

Running has become so great for me, even though I used to HATE running. It lifts my mood, makes me feel like I've accomplished something, and helps burn a few calories. The days that I miss my run, I really feel like something is missing.

This was my second 5K (I ran one in early July), and I improved my time by 4 1/2 minutes. I was sooo happy!! I'm hoping to run another 5K in October. We'll see how that one goes!

Here I am about half-way through the race... I like how it's blurry and it looks like I'm going REALLY fast. Very deceiving, isn't it?

My mom and I after the race. She took 1st in her age division and I took 2nd in my division. We will not discuss how many people were in our divisions...
I have to say that my mom is super cool, though. She is 58 years old and she's running in a 5K!? That's amazing... and she walks quite a few half-marathons and at least 1 whole marathon each year.

Cutie Sarah posing after the race... she's really starting to grasp the "pose!"

It looks like there are some deep secrets being shared here!

Crazy little Andrew waiting curb-side during the race - ready to cheer us on!


Ashley Dickman said...

will you run one for me too!? I'll sit on the side eating my oreos and milk watching... I promise! :)

Ashley said...

Yeah for you! That's awesome. Running is addicting once you start. I used to hate it too!

Janna said...

Oh... that is sooo fun that you two ran together. And that's the cutest curbside crowd I've ever seen!

smithsmiles said...

That's awesome that you and your mom could do it together. You've got a great fan club!

Eric and Jenny said...

Gosh you get great pictures that one of the girls is just darling, frame worthy for sure. Andrew is looking pretty darn cute himself.

Your mom looks so cute, and certainly not 58, she could be your older sister. Great job to both of you!

Jennie's bunch said...

Congratulations!! That is soooo awesome!! How fun to run with your Mom.

geeno said...

way to go Jen - I can't believe you improved by so much - you rock! Your mom is awesome for doing this too - it's fun to participate in stuff like this.

i love the sister photo - that one is a real gem