Wednesday, December 31


The day after Christmas, we loaded up the car and headed to Iowa for a week of pure fun and vacation. It was so great to see most of the Hunger side of the family and spend time together! We were super busy the whole time. A few highlights of the trip:
  • Celebrating Emma's 2nd birthday! (see next post)
  • Having a big Christmas party with Dennis's mom's side including seeing our 90-year-old grandma.
  • Singing in church with 4 of my 5 sisters-in-law (this was my first time singing for a musical number in church - I was by far the least talented but they were sweet to me anyway)!
  • Visiting "the farm" near where Dennis grew up and seeing our 92-year-old grandma.
  • Learning how to crochet... again. I think I finally got it this time.
  • Going snowboarding for the first time in almost 6 years - so great!
  • Experiencing our first ER trip with one of our kids.
  • Cheering on the Hawks in their crushing win on New Year's Day.
  • Having a girls night and seeing a movie in theatres for the first time in over a year.
  • Going to an extremely yummy German family-style restaurant.
  • Enjoying being with FAMILY!
Sarah and her best little buddy, Samantha. They LOVE playing together, and I'm shocked considering they are both 3 that they really don't fight.

Goofy Emma in the flower hat her Aunt Megan made.

Sarah striking a pose in her hat...

Andrew liked playing with Grandma Hunger

My big girl and me

Grandma White and the gang

Post-game nap on New Year's Day. I love this one!

Sarah's "owie." When we went snowboarding/skiing, the kids had been with family all day. They were safe and everyone was happy. Twenty minutes after we got back, Emma got her hand shut in a door. It turned purple and looked pretty bad for a few minutes but was fine in the end. Then, about 10 minutes later Sarah was running and started to trip. She kept going full speed and feel in a window sill. It was pretty gross... we took her to the ER and the doctor opted to glue it shut instead of doing stitches. I really wondered how many stitches it would have taken, so our sister-in-law that is an RN and used to work in the ER guessed about eight stitches. Sarah was a trooper most of the time and kept telling us, "I'm a little bit scared."

On the slopes once again!

Sporting his true colors


Jon and Melissa said...

Great post! Tons of thing going on and so many great pictures. So sad about Sarah-I am just waiting for the day, I know it will come. I would be one to freak out more than the kid! I am so proud of you for going snowboarding!

Eric and Jenny said...

Poor Sarah having to go to the ER that's so cute how she said she was a little bit scared, what a brave girl. Happy Birthday to Emma, she is looking so much like Sarah to me as she gets older, cute kids.

Jennie's bunch said...

Poor Sarah!! I hope she heals quickly!!

What a fun trip!! Now you get to give me cooking lessons AND crocheting lessons!!;)

Kimberly said...

Glad Sarah's OK. I hate the ER with kids. I do however wish that I could have fit in a day of snowboarding (although I ski) I miss the slopes!

geeno said...

I love the photo of you and Sarah- you girls are totally babalicious!

smithsmiles said...

Glad you had such a fun trip. Sorry to hear about Sarah, what a tough girl! An ER visit makes it one of those trips you will never forget!