Thursday, March 27

Easter Best

This Easter Sunday was a little different from any other I can remember. I didn't even go to church. Being as Andrew wasn't quite 2 weeks old, I was worried to take him. (Sarah did go with Dennis though).

My mom sent these super cute dresses for the girls to wear... I remember that growing up my sister and I would always a beautiful new dress for Easter. My brothers would all get new dress slacks and a white shirt, which was nice because their old pants would be floods by then! We would take a family shopping day and go to the mall to find everyone their new duds. Then, on Easter Sunday we would go to the backyard, set up the tripod, and take a quick family picture. We'd all be pretty ornery by the end of the picture taking - what with my brother Scott poking us all and causing as much trouble as possible! After the picture escapade, we'd head inside for a wonderful meal with homemade rolls (my favorite).

I hope that Dennis and I can make some fun traditions for our children that they will remember and love.

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Ashley Dickman said...

So cute!!! My mom bought my sister and I a new dress each year too.. she even mailed a few out to me at college!! I tried to convince her to do the same for me when I got married, but she just laughed! Now Dan has to deal with the tradition of a new outfit for Kaden each Easter and he's not really understanding quite yet... all in due time! ;)

Jennie's bunch said...

What gorgeous kids!! Easter outfits are so fun!! We always had new dresses groing up to! It doesn't seem like that many people do it anymore! Too bad! I'm sticking with the tradition!:)