Tuesday, January 15


We all took a family trip to Utah after Christmas and Emma's birthday, so I wanted to include some of the fun pictures of our trip. We got to play Guitar Hero on my brother's Wii (it is so much more fun than I thought it would be - I couldn't get enough), go to my parents' cabin in Idaho, play with cousins, and so much more. It was fun to be with family!

As usual... they are all of the girls, but they are just too cute that we can't resist snapping photos. I used my new pink camera Dennis bought me for Christmas, and I'm in love with it!

Emma just playing Peek-A-Boo

Little Guitar Hero

Here's Emma ear muffs... we had to ride in my Dad's snowcat to get through the snow drifts on the way to the cabin (just for the last few miles on dirt road).

Sarah had so much fun doing new things and seeing so much snow

The infamous pink cowgirl hat.
Sarah let Emma wear this for a minute, but it is on Sarah's head for the majority of the day. Whether we go to Dennis' office, WalMart, or just around home - she has to "ride the range."


Katie Jane said...

Your blog is way cute! I loved the pictures. Especially Emma doing peekaboo. I am sad I didn't get to play with your kids a ton while you were here! I guess next time. Which is soon, right!?

Ash, Dev, and Hunter said...

Your blog is looking super cute! I love the pink cowgirl hat.. very stylish.

Jennie's bunch said...

I love the hat!! What fun memories!! That guitar is as big as Sarah! Too cute!!

Skinner Family said...

Jen - I didn't realize you had a blog! How fun! Your girls are so cute. Haha.. the picture of Emma playing Guitar Hero cracked me up! You're having a boy??? Exciting!